1. Make sure to register before May 10, 2019 as participant via https://www.iasc2019.org/registration
  2. Make sure to have your abstract finalized by May 10, 2019, so we van use this eventually in the online program overview
  3. Make sure to submit your final paper ultimately by 20 June 2019
  4. Login via https://www.iasc2019.org/login with your login credentials
  5. Check author’s info and correct if needed; additional authors’ info can be added by clicking the [+] icon
  6. Check and correct (if needed) info on intended presenter of paper at IASC2019
  7. Check and adapt the abstract if needed, this abstract may be used in the online program. Please strictly apply the following criteria:
      • flat-text only, no headings, bolds, italics, etc.
      • no footnotes or end notes
      • do not use references in the abstract, as we will have no option to display the references with the program abstracts
      • For abstracts in English, UK and US spelling are both allowed, but be consistent
      • max. 500 words
  8. In case of a panel-related paper, enter panel ID (ask panel organizer) as first keyword
  9. Check keywords and adapt if needed.
  10. Upload the final paper as attachment as follows:
    • upload as pdf or Word-file; see guidelines below
    • make sure to include [FINAL] in the file name (e.g., [FINAL]VanWeeren.pdf)
    • DO NOT add separate attachments, make sure all elements of the paper are combined within 1 pdf or Word-file
  11. Abstracts and papers will become available via the conference website and after the conference via the Digital Library of the Commons; if there are legal or other reasons that prohibit publication, please inform us via conference@iasc2019.org
Author’s guidelines
  • Please use in-text-citations (Harvard Style) and reference list
  • Single papers should be in English (UK and US spelling both allowed, but be consistent)
  • Panel descriptions, panel-related papers, and multi-stakeholder dialogues can be submitted in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Do note however that panel-related papers in Spanish or Portuguese should always include a participant who can translate to English during discussions.
  • Make sure to include all elements in 1 pdf or Word-file, DO NOT add separate attachments.
  • There is no specific maximum word count, but your paper should not exceed the length of a regular academic journal article in your field of expertise