Submission deadline closed, over 800 received

The IASC2019 Conference Organizers are happy to announce that over 800 abstracts have been received from all over the world. In the next few weeks, all proposals will be reviewed. Review results will be announced to the corresponding authors before January 31, 2019.

Professor Fiorenza Micheli confirmed as third keynote speaker IASC2019

The IASC2019 Conference organizers are happy to announce professor Fiorenza Micheli will be the third keynote lecturer at the IASC2019 next year.

Professor Micheli is a marine ecologist and conservation biologist conducting research and teaching at the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, where she is also the David and Lucile Packard Professor of Marine Science and the Director, with Jim Leape, of the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions ( Her research focuses on the processes shaping marine communities and incorporating this understanding in the management and conservation of marine ecosystems.

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